UnorthoDETOX: The Top 3 Things We Should Clean Up in Our Life

UnorthoDETOX: The Top 3 Things We Should Clean Up in Our Life

Detoxing isn’t all about juice cleanses and saunas. It’s about removing yourself from toxic environments, and removing things from your life that get in the way of growth. This process, unfortunately, is not a simple week-long pursuit into your new fab life. It takes some serious dedication, self-reflection, and difficult decisions. But once we remove the things that are preventing growth, we can begin to cultivate the life of our dreams. 

These are the top 3 things I believe we should all clean up in our life:


I believe this area is the most important and often the most difficult to detoxify. We’re all comprised with a unique arrangement of limiting thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. From “I’m not good enough,” to “I’ll never fit in” somewhere within all of us are thoughts and beliefs that limit us from reaching our fullest potential. I encourage you  to take notice of the negative thoughts you have and try to uncover where they originate from. Remove the power these beliefs have and work towards rewriting the narrative you’ve subconsciously created, and remember you are enough


As we grow older we become more clear about what we want and need out of the relationships in our lives. But instead of just applying those stipulations to future relationships, it is important to consider the current relationships in your life. Do they inspire and support you? Do they mirror your values? Make you a better person? Provide honest feedback? Do they fill you with energy or deplete you? These are important questions to consider when reflecting on the people in your life. Remember that we are a social being, so cultivating a supportive and uplifting community is absolutely crucial in living your most fulfilling life.


I mean, of course...I’m a health coach. Unfortunately we’ve been fed (pun intended) information our whole lives that have actually moved us further and further away from optimal health. The studies are in, and food plays a HUGE role in our health and overall wellbeing. Eating nutrient dense, whole foods can help to promote a healthy weight, stable mood, and a longer and healthier life. Try to stick to unprocessed foods--veggies, nuts/seeds, fruit, and high quality meats. Learning to work in line with our bodies’ needs will allow us to both physically and mentally reach our peak performance.

When it comes to to changing our lives for the better, we must first have the courage to remove and detox from the things that inhibit our growth. 

For many of us this can be the hardest step in our healing journey, but it is the most fundamental. We can consume all the health promoting information, techniques, and foods we want but until we address the underlying toxicity in our bodies, minds, and lives, we're unable to truly thrive. 

Once we get clear on our "why", on our ideal picture of health and happiness, we can reverse engineer the process of getting there. I encourage you to get clear on not just what you want out of life, but why.  From there, consider the choices you make and thoughts you have to be directly correlated with either moving towards or away from your picture of health and happiness. Focus on one area at a time. I'll give you one of my examples.

When I finally became interested in my studies in college--after flunking out and changing my major from bio to sociology--I began really to picture my future. I saw myself serving the less fortunate and making positive change for those that needed it. I knew I needed to work hard, to be compassionate, to give back, and to stay inspired and motivated. My heart was fully invested in creating that future. Then, I would observe the people I surrounded myself with. They were lazy, selfish, always drunk or high, interested only in things that brought instant gratification, and oftentimes totally inconsiderate. 

I wanted to prevent this kind of behavior through my work, not surround myself with it daily. So I studied and worked more, and partied with them less. Eventually I completely disassociated myself from my entire group of "friends" for good. Was it easy? No. Quick? Nope! It was definitely a long, drawn-out process, but it was a change that I credit my entire new life of wellness to.  I had surrounded myself with the "bad crowd" from the first day of high school. My entire adolescent identity was wrapped up in stoner party people. And of course I cared for these people. But to care for something or someone that doesn't enrich your life is basically self-sabotage. So now, after finally realizing those "friends" weren't my people, I completely cut my ties. And since then, I have been extremely intentional about the people in which I give my energy to--people that support me, push me, and mirror my values. Because of that, I've been able to move closer towards my most fulfilling, healthy, and happy life. 

So get out there and create the life you want. But first,  let go of the things that are getting in your way. It won't be easy, but I guarantee it'll be worth it! 

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